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Dec 13 th Is Here Again !
Sunny day !
Yikes where did the year go ! *looks under the carpet ,in the closet up in the attic* It was really a great one I turned 44 this year and have the best present one could possibly hope for someone to love and be loved by in ways I could only dream of before! thanks Sunfire for the best birthday present of all !!!!! and thanks to all the new friends I made this year it has truly made my world a much brighter place! hope to see you all again soon!

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Happy Birthday puppy hehe its been a pleasure to know u too im glad we did meet ttl soon btw the other version of that song is better 99 luff baloons hehe hugsssss

when we first met I thought it was great to meet a malamute husky mix so close by and also a mechanic as well you are a great friend I always enjoy seeing you!hope you can get out to some of the car shows this season I'm sure it will be a great time!

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