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Dec 13 th Is Here Again !
Sunny day !
Yikes where did the year go ! *looks under the carpet ,in the closet up in the attic* It was really a great one I turned 44 this year and have the best present one could possibly hope for someone to love and be loved by in ways I could only dream of before! thanks Sunfire for the best birthday present of all !!!!! and thanks to all the new friends I made this year it has truly made my world a much brighter place! hope to see you all again soon!

Happy Birthday Duncan :D *slurps your nose*

Thanks Lace ! can't wait to see you again, always had a great time with ya!! *hands you a piece of cake*

Happy Birthday my lovely husky! I'm so glad we're spending this weekend together! You may not realize it, but you're the best present in the world! I hope all your birthday wishes come true, and I wish you many, many happy, healthy, and furry returns! I love you! ^.^ *kisses and hugs tight*

Thank you dear lion! I had a great time this weekend you have made me feel loved as I have never felt before! I can't thank you enough for having me as your mate!I look forward to spending the time I have left with you by my side! *holds your paw to my heart* it beats for you!

hey Duncan. happy birthday...and many happy returns. hope you have a kick ass party. ^__^

thanks palmer! It was a great day had a nice dinner with my mate and later had a lot of fun at a local fur meet in our area! thanks for thinking of me take care my friend!


Cheers from your friendly furiend, BradHound (who'll be 44 next Saturday)!!

*Hugs you tightly*


It's so comforting to know that you and Duncan will always be half a decade older than yours truly! *snickers*

HAPPY BURFDAY!!! You old dog! ;) Thank you for making my year alot brighter, and making me paranoid about balloons...
*hugz hugz and kisses you on the nose - REALLY carefully*

Awww thanks ! you brought a lot of joy and happiness into this old dogs year and life as well! *doinks you on the head when your not looking with a birthday balloon* take care hope to see you again soon!

Happy Birthday amigo! You got an awesome birthday present, and I got the best Christmas present ever be it ever so early in Ash. I hope to see you at FC. You were so much fun at FAU.

Thanks so much!!glad things worked out for both of us it was a great year and one I will always remember! your friendship means so much to me! FAU was so much fun!I hope I can make FC It's really up in the as of right now.maybe someone can help an old dog out with a way to make it there!

Thanks T-H Squirrel nice to hear from you ! hope things are going well for you !

(Deleted comment)
Aww thank you! truly the best one yet! thanks for thinking of me,really miss seeing you around hopefully I will get a chance to you soon! take care my friend.

Happy belated birthday! I hope it was an excellent day for you ^.^ *gives late hugs*

Aww thank you! *hands you a balloon and cake N hugs you tight*!

Happy belated birfday *snuggles* :)

Aww thanks Shy!It was a very nice b day indeed! hey I never saw your fursuit at MFF !!!!

10,000 happyFerretyMEEPS and hoppitySnugglies upon you!

Aww.... thanks! * passes out from the cuteness overload*

HAPPY B'Day Duncan!!!

I am glad you had a good one my friend. It was great seeing you at MFF as always!!

I extend my best to both you and Sunfire. You deserve the best things in life my friend.

*hugs tightly*

All the best,


Re: Happy B'day Duncan!

Thank you so very much for your kind words and friendship!*Hugs you tight* I have to say this is the best birthday I have ever had! and by far the best year of my life so far! thanks to you and all the the great friends I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting!


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