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Dec 13 th Is Here Again !
Sunny day !
Yikes where did the year go ! *looks under the carpet ,in the closet up in the attic* It was really a great one I turned 44 this year and have the best present one could possibly hope for someone to love and be loved by in ways I could only dream of before! thanks Sunfire for the best birthday present of all !!!!! and thanks to all the new friends I made this year it has truly made my world a much brighter place! hope to see you all again soon!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! hugs u lots

Hi Rev! *thanks hugs you tight* sure miss seeing you! take care my friend!

happy birthday cutie :)

hopefully ill run into you again at next years' FF!

Aww thanks! had a great time and was really nice to meet you! I'll be there! take care!

Happy birthday, Duncan! ^^

It is said that death is a dish best served cold. Well, those depressing standards aside, life is a dish best served lived! *Wags* So keep on serving up that lovely life you have been! Here's to many more. *Woofles*

Awww thanks! I do my best to brighten everyones day as much as possible with old blue eyes! *Hugs*

Happy Birthday puppy hehe its been a pleasure to know u too im glad we did meet ttl soon btw the other version of that song is better 99 luff baloons hehe hugsssss

when we first met I thought it was great to meet a malamute husky mix so close by and also a mechanic as well you are a great friend I always enjoy seeing you!hope you can get out to some of the car shows this season I'm sure it will be a great time!

Awww thanks so much hands you some cake!take care!

happy birthday bud, It was great running into over the past couple of months *snugs and squeaks*

Thanks ! It was truly a great time!!!

*hugs and squeaks* Your turn to get a birthday balloon from me! (^^>

Aww you remembered! thanks for a great time at MFF!

Thanks Sasha! I always enjoy seeing you! stop in some time!*Hugs* take care!

Glad the world is looking better for you because of friends and loved ones found this year. Hope you have a great day today! *soft hugs*

BTW: Been missing you and Sunfire at furmeets. Don't be stranger--we miss you!

Thanks tiggy,I really enjoy every ones company and hop to get back to attending meets like I once did as it is something very dear to my heart!

Good day to you Mr Duncan!

Happy birthday Duncan! Hope to see you again soon! *hugs*

Hi cornwall! thanks so much I do look forward to seeing you again!

Yay! Happy birthday Duncan! *hugs ya real tight*

thanks skippy! you are truly a dear friend and I always enjoy your company! love your new suit we need to get out and do some fursuit bowling again soon! take care!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks Emerson! I do look forward to seeing you at AC this year as well take care my friend!

Thanks Topher! you need to stop by more often I enjoy the company!

Happy Whelpday, Duncan!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. *Hugstight*

Who would have thought, a dog and cat together. ;)

Thanks Soma! thanks had a great day! *hugs dear friend tight*
truly a unique pair so glad things worked out so well!


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