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Off To MFF For Duncan!
Sunny day !
I'm all packed and ready to go !  YaY I can't wait to get there soon my ride will be here and off I will go ! It will be nice to see everyone again as well as make new friends! *hugs* tails  a wagging !

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Have fun Duncan! I know yu will! :)

Aww thanks, Old blue eyes be suiting my tail off!

I would expect nothing esle from you! :)

Wh000! Looking forward to seeing you again! :) Safe trip!

Can't wait to see you again! *hugs*

Enjoy your trip Duncan

Wish you a great time! Remember to keep that tail waggin'! :D *HUGS*

Have a great time dear one! Try not to infest the other furs there with your fleas, and please don't slobber on anyone's food! *giggles*

Have fun for me! Can't make it cause of work.

i need a copy of that video from Sunday! of me and Tsune with the baloons!

no problem,as soon as turbo gets his but over here to do it ! I'll see you get a coppy.

I'd like to get a look at it myself ^^

I hope to get it along with some others up on YouTube as soon as Turbo wolf can come by to help me get it done!

It was great to see you again! ^.^ Once more you made my con experience that much more awesome. Thank you.

I have to say it is always a pleasure to see you ! and I feel the same way you do!

I hope you had a great time at MFF. I'm sorry I wasn't able to go.

Hi there,I really had a great time! it was nice and cold and easy for suitors to stay cooled off (not that I need to!) so more furs stayed in suit which made the experience that much more enjoyable ! wish you would have been able to go *hugs you tight* I should be at FWA if I can find a room.Take care my friend hope to see you soon!

Hey Duncan, I want to send you a Christmas card. Can you go to my LJ: http://axelwolf.livejournal.com/34110.html I have it screened so I will be the only one who will see the address. :3 *wags tail*

Hi Morton! thanks.. nice to hear from you, I hope to have a really great day! take care!

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