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Sunny day !
I have to say furfright was the best convention I have attended to date It was my third convention and my first time there! I was the first one to fursuit and the last one in suit at the end I totaled 102 hours in suit from thursday morning to tuesday morning,sunday to tues I had the suit on for 46 hours straight !!!thanks to everyone for a really great time! the shows Dances and all the events made for a great time I even  went out to eat at Blackies,for hot dogs and ate it in suit ,thanks to ron overdrive for taking me to eat at fridays,with Tonyringtail,Dex ,Tilt and everyone there It was a lot of fun and even the staff enjoyed seeing duncan there, I did have to remove my head as I couldn't find something that I could eat with it on! I even went to a local BJ 's to pick up a few items and got to ride in a shopping cart as we went through the store was a ton of fun! I was sad to see it Furfright end and stayed in suit all the way home we stopped at Bear Knight's house to unload the con equipment Belic even took me in to meet his parents, I was truly honored!
after the equipment was put away we watched a furfright promo video then hit the road again  Belic bought us all dinner at Ruby Tuesday, I ate a full course dinner and desert in suit and had a very friendly waitress take my order and when she turned to take the order at the table next to us I couldn't refuse the opportunity to goose her!!! She really liked it!!!! everyone got a kick out of that one! Oh boy!
 Big thanks to skippy fox for the ride and room share I really enjoy staying with you and hope to do it again soon!
I guess that sums things up as best as I can do,all I can say is thanks to everyone for all your effort as it was the best time I have ever had at  a convention to date  and I will be back in 09 for sure! *hugs everyone*

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Aw *hugs my favorite coon* hope you are feeling better!

I have a couple of pics of you on my Flickr userpage. I caught you sleeping in one of them! Couldn't resist!


It was good seeing you @ FF. *hugs*

AW thanks it was nice to see you too! yea I was resting those big blue eyes!

Was AWSOME to meet ya at Furfright!
You're really nice! =^.^=
I'll try to be there next year too, maybe with my new suit, equiped with an alarm system and GPS tracking if its stolen... hahahaha
Hope to meet ya there again and give ya another big hugz!!!



It was really nice to meet you to! was truly a great time I'm glad that things worked out for you! He-He- a suit with low-jack that's a good one you made old blue eyes fall out of his chair laughing!!!! take care hope to talk to you soon! *hugs the fox tightly*

Oh... BTW... will you be at MFF this week-end?
If yes, well, see ya there then! :P

Hi there, yes I will be attending MFF!I will arrive sometime around 1-2 pm thursday, so I will see you there! gets to hug and dance with you YAY!!! ;)

I look forward to seeing you at FFO9, but next time I want to dance with you, not just beside you. That and I have an idea for ya. Since you enjoyed having a happy face attached to your tail I think next year you should do the same BUT carry a marker with you and see how many furs you can get to sign your balloon, that would be quite the momento and fun for you too.

I will be there!and look forward to dancing with you!that's a great Idea and would make a great keepsake thanks for the great Idea ;) *hugs*

You made FF 09 a really good con for me. YAY for new friends!

Hey I have to say you did the same for me! I hope to see you again soon!

It was awesome to meet you at the con! *hugs* Thanks for letting me hang around you as much as I did, it truly made my con. Hope to see you next year!

Aw your welcome! I enjoyed your company as well, that's why I like to go to conventions it's always a great time!and as long as I'm still kicking I'll be there ;)

Good to see you there.

It was nice to see you again as well!

Duncan, you are SUCH a sweetheart! *hugs you off yer paws* You helped make my FF one to remember. And thank you so much for stopping by to visit! You're welcomed here anytime! ;o)

Hanging out at the den and going to eat at Ruby Tuesdays was SO much fun! I don't think that waitress, or her ass, will ever forget you! *LOL*

Thank you for making FF something special! ;o)


Thanks Belic!!! furfright as well as meeting you has brought very much joy and happiness to my heart,I hope to get to see you again soon!

Hey there Duncan,

The feelings about FurFright are mutual. FF was the most time I've ever spent fursuiting; I am catching up *dragon gasps heat-exhaustion, falls down, heat-stroke*! It was my third convention, and also the best convention I have attended in the current time-frame.

It was really great to see you never miss your fursuiting groove. Fursuiting is a priority in my life-goals, my first reason for my furry side. You provide the inspiration to go for 'iron fursuiter' status.

I'm looking forward to the drive up to Chicago with you in 2 days and having a great time at MFF. All the best. *hugs*

I am truly looking forward to seeing you again and can't thank you enough for all your help making MFF happen for me! I know we will have a great time!!!

Duncan is Truly unstopable you can not resist the cute and it never stops. You go to sleep and he is still running arund, and your greated in the morning by the same happy blue eyed pup. You are truly awsome Duncan keep bringing happieness to all. *Huggles you tightly*

Are you sure you just never took OFF the suit :P Im still convinced that the suit WAS your actual body. Never saw you outside of it. I mean I walk into hotel Thursday and there you are in suit. Friday through Sunday only saw you in suit. I wake up and go onto the balcony monday morning and your STILL IN SUIT!

Well to be honest with you when I wear duncan I am quite comfortable, I have never felt so at home in a suit as much as in duncan so it would be safe to say it is part of me!

*nods* Hehe. Just saw you in it so much. Never saw you without it on. But it's good to know it's comfy for ya ^^

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