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Lone Wolf Car Club
Sunny day !
The season has finally come to a close and I have to say I will miss the gang and all the fun times we had I still cant believe how lucky I am to be their mascot! all that's left for  this year (08)  is a radio show ,An appearance at several local area school's then the christmas party!
 I'm really looking foreword to the 09 season as there will be a new location Blockers Harley Davidson In Lehighton with a live band at each show this will replace the Terrace cruise nights! they will also increase the number of cruise nights from twice a month to four times so Duncan will one busy pup!
The highlight of the season will be the Good Times Rock N Roll show On May 9 2009  at Split Rock Resort Lake Harmony ,PA  They want five fursuiters to attend and entertain the crowd as well as be up on stage to be part part of the various shows . I still need some interested furs to attend they will cover rooms and food so if you think you may be interested let me know!  as soon as I have all the details regarding the schedule I will pass it along!
Thanks again to all who came out to the shows, It meant a lot to me and hope to see you again next year!

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Hi there, I am a mascot for the lone wolf car club, they will be holding two of there cruise nights each month at a harley davidson dealership's parking lot.I do have two motorcycles a 1980 GN400,and a 1982 GS450 Susuki both are licensed as antique.

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