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F A United
Sunny day !
Hi All, I know it's been quite a while since I have posted so time to do some catch up!  Fa United was my second convention, lots of fun and a great time with all my friends as well as the new ones I made there!Big thanks to skippy for the room share! also thanks to turbo Wolf for being my co-pilot and navigator !
I really enjoyed the size of the convention and there was plenty of time time to spend with everyone!  the NJSPCA officers were truly some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet and that Legal Eagle sure did like her Duncan!
The events games and dances were a pleasant experience I even went up on stage and Jammed with the band ( thanks to rebel wolf) everyone started chanting Duncan ---Duncan ---Duncan just like at a concert !
I think the most memorable part was when Tony Ringtail swept me off my feet and carried me into closing ceremonies over his shoulder to receive the honor for most hours in suit at the convention as well as being the first one in suit that's when I officially gained the title of " Iron Fursuiter "  YAY!!!!! I was truly speechless thanks Tony *big hugs*
I have to say overall It was a great experience and I will be back there next year for sure! I know there are things I am forgetting so all I can say is thanks everyone for a really great time!!!!!!

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We need to take some pics of you holding a guitar on stage so you can cement your rock star image.

I do have video from friday at FAU when I was up on stage with Rebel Wolfs guitar jamming with the band!

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