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FPS Show Clips
Sunny day !
The subservient clips of Duncan and Nova are now up on You Tube there kind a goofy but what can you expect from a old pup and a young fox enjoy !!!!!!


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I saw the first part, but will check out the others next. You need to get some fake dance moves though. ;x)

There's a typo in the second URL there. It should be:


And yeah...we'd better start practicing how to dance and then head back there heheh.

Cute, thanks for sharing!

AW... your welcome see you at furfright in a few days!

added you to my friends list because you truly were a bright spot during my con trip at Furfright. I absolutely loved that you were still outside with the yellow happy faced balloon on your tail looking adorable as ever even as the attendees were leaving.

Every time I looked at you I couldn't help but bring a smile to my face. I surely hope you will be returning to Furfright next year and am adding this journal to learn a bit more about Duncan.

Hi there,I really enjoyed meeting you as well as everyone! conventions are something I hold dear to my heart,its a time for our big family to get together and have a great time! I am a very shy and quiet person,a convention is a rare chance for me to give back to everyone the warmth and joy that that they bring to my heart. I will absolutely be back to furfright,I loved every second of it !!!

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