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Home of Duncan the Dog!

The thoughts of a balloon loving malamute/husky/wolf mix!

Dream Come True Award
Lone Wolf Duncan !

I received a letter a few days ago dated October 23, 2019:

Dear Mr. Oncheck:

I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a 2019 DREAM MAKER by the Board of Directors of Dream Come True, Blue Ridge Chapter.  The DREAM MAKER awards were initiated to honor individuals, corporations, and institutions that have gone above and beyond to assist Dream Come True in fulfilling our mission.  Mr. Oncheck, you were selected because of your dedication to Dream Come True over the years by supporting the Beckys Car Show.  With your help, we have brought smiles to the many children who have had a dream fulfilled.

You join a distinguished group of winners and the dedication you have given has helped fulfill dreams for children with serious, chronic, or terminal illnesses.  Your work has played a part in building bright memories for the families of these children.  This is something they can hold onto for the rest of their lives.

The DREAM MAKER award winners will be recognized at the Dream Come True Telethon on Sunday, November 24, 2019. The Board of Directors would be honored to have you accept your award at the Telethon which will be held at Penn's Peak, Penn Forest Township, Jim Thorpe, PA and aired live on Blue Ridge Communications TV13.  We will have a Dream Maker awards presentation between 8:00 and 8:30 PM.

We are grateful for your dedication to Dream Come True.  We could not continue our mission without your help.  Please call me at (610-###-####) or via e-mail to *******@pencor.com or to *********@pencor.com by November 1st as to whether or not you will be attending the telethon to receive your award.


Eileen R. Thompson
Vice President


Surprise visit!
smile !
While balloons can always be seen at my house, I've never had one this large show up, and so unexpectedly! The person flying it had to make an emergency landing and my yard was the nearest place to do so. Thankfully the landing was successful and the hot air balloon was back in the sky a short time later!

Lions rule!
Boo !
I guess I shouldn't leave my Live Journal logged in like this because I tend to start talking about how superior lions are to huskies.  They're so regal, so mystical, so awesome in every way!  I so wish I was a lion!  

Merry Christmas To All !
Sunny day !
Hi all just want to wish everyone a great holiday hope you all can spend it with the ones you love if not my heart and thoughts go out to you ! I will be with my family and loved ones playing Santa Duncan this one is a special one for me so I am a bit excited about it ! time to put out the cookies and milk and head to bed ! take care , have a safe and  wonderful time!

Weekend Update!
Sunny day !
Duncan's birthday celebration week  came to a close with a visit to the lions den! Sunfire took his mother and I out to Medieval Times for our birthdays I had a great time I was even knighted so now I  am Sir Duncan! *chuckles * It was a nice relaxing weekend away from the dog house,It was really nice to meet Sunfire's mom I think she really enjoyed meeting old blue eyes! and was truly a great host I wish I could have stayed longer but there are things at home that need to be done so I left monday for home thanks for a great birthday and wonderful weekend! you made old blue eyes a happy dog! 

MFF Con Report
Sunny day !
I 'm finally taking the time to thank everyone who made this convention possible for me ! along with all the friends old and new that I had the pleasure to share my time with there ! it was a fun time and one that I will always remember! it was a long trip both ways for an old dog but thanks to a kind ,dear friend Rukario who went out of his way to make sure I had a room and ride made frequent  stops to help make the trip as smooth as possible and drove through some very bad conditions I thank you from the bottom of my heart !along with Esopus and Magnus who were great company to help pass the time the trip went quite well ! big thanks to Magnus's family for dinner ,breakfast and a place to stay for the night it was very kind of all of you!
 Thanks to everyone who made this convention a wonderful time and very dear memory! I hope I can do it again next year!

Dec 13 th Is Here Again !
Sunny day !
Yikes where did the year go ! *looks under the carpet ,in the closet up in the attic* It was really a great one I turned 44 this year and have the best present one could possibly hope for someone to love and be loved by in ways I could only dream of before! thanks Sunfire for the best birthday present of all !!!!! and thanks to all the new friends I made this year it has truly made my world a much brighter place! hope to see you all again soon!

Off To MFF For Duncan!
Sunny day !
I'm all packed and ready to go !  YaY I can't wait to get there soon my ride will be here and off I will go ! It will be nice to see everyone again as well as make new friends! *hugs* tails  a wagging !

Sunny day !
I have to say furfright was the best convention I have attended to date It was my third convention and my first time there! I was the first one to fursuit and the last one in suit at the end I totaled 102 hours in suit from thursday morning to tuesday morning,sunday to tues I had the suit on for 46 hours straight !!!thanks to everyone for a really great time! the shows Dances and all the events made for a great time I even  went out to eat at Blackies,for hot dogs and ate it in suit ,thanks to ron overdrive for taking me to eat at fridays,with Tonyringtail,Dex ,Tilt and everyone there It was a lot of fun and even the staff enjoyed seeing duncan there, I did have to remove my head as I couldn't find something that I could eat with it on! I even went to a local BJ 's to pick up a few items and got to ride in a shopping cart as we went through the store was a ton of fun! I was sad to see it Furfright end and stayed in suit all the way home we stopped at Bear Knight's house to unload the con equipment Belic even took me in to meet his parents, I was truly honored!
after the equipment was put away we watched a furfright promo video then hit the road again  Belic bought us all dinner at Ruby Tuesday, I ate a full course dinner and desert in suit and had a very friendly waitress take my order and when she turned to take the order at the table next to us I couldn't refuse the opportunity to goose her!!! She really liked it!!!! everyone got a kick out of that one! Oh boy!
 Big thanks to skippy fox for the ride and room share I really enjoy staying with you and hope to do it again soon!
I guess that sums things up as best as I can do,all I can say is thanks to everyone for all your effort as it was the best time I have ever had at  a convention to date  and I will be back in 09 for sure! *hugs everyone*

Lone Wolf Car Club
Sunny day !
The season has finally come to a close and I have to say I will miss the gang and all the fun times we had I still cant believe how lucky I am to be their mascot! all that's left for  this year (08)  is a radio show ,An appearance at several local area school's then the christmas party!
 I'm really looking foreword to the 09 season as there will be a new location Blockers Harley Davidson In Lehighton with a live band at each show this will replace the Terrace cruise nights! they will also increase the number of cruise nights from twice a month to four times so Duncan will one busy pup!
The highlight of the season will be the Good Times Rock N Roll show On May 9 2009  at Split Rock Resort Lake Harmony ,PA  They want five fursuiters to attend and entertain the crowd as well as be up on stage to be part part of the various shows . I still need some interested furs to attend they will cover rooms and food so if you think you may be interested let me know!  as soon as I have all the details regarding the schedule I will pass it along!
Thanks again to all who came out to the shows, It meant a lot to me and hope to see you again next year!